Incorporated in 1999, TRG and its principal researchers represent over fifty years experience in basic and applied research. Our focus has been on interdisciplinary research, applying the techniques of the social and behavioral sciences to real world planning, decision-making and problem solving.

Strong research, academic and technical capabilities, and broad-based practical experience provide the foundation for The Research Group's success in developing scientifically sound data.

Our services are customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Upon identification of client needs, we form specialized project teams. These teams are drawn from a pool of over eighty experts in different substantive and methodological disciplines and fields. Such fields include organizational culture analysis, information technology/services, planning and evaluation, management and organizational development, qualitative research, and statistical analysis/modeling and simulation.

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The Research Group, Inc. provides a full range of research, technical, analytical and consulting assistance. These services include:
Organizational Change and Development
It has become a cliché that organizations change constantly, but change is occurring more and more rapidly and organizations need current, accurate and actionable information in order to effectively react to change. Employees' attitudes, their behaviors and practices, as well as the external environment of today's organizations demand continuous monitoring. TRG offers a number of services that permit leaders and managers to assess internal and external changes and develop strategies to effectively monitor and react to such changes. These services and products range from measurement and analyses of employees', clients' and customers' perceptions and behaviors to market analyses and needs assessment.
Diversity Research and Consulting
Working with the American Institute for Managing Diversity, Inc. (AIMD) founded in 1984 by Dr. Roosevelt Thomas, we were among the first to apply serious scientific rigor to research on the topic of workforce diversity. Along with AIMD and Dr. Thomas, as well as with other consultants and groups, we have developed numerous research tools that permit an understanding of the diversity challenges faced by modern organizations. From assessing the degree of effective diversity management and identifying training and other programmatic needs, to examining the role of culture in effectively managing diversity and monitoring the progress of culture and diversity change initiatives, we are simply the most experienced research group in the United States.
Information Technology/Services
TRG enhances all research and analysis methodologies by applying the most advanced technology available. We can develop specialized programs, survey systems, database managers, websites and networks. TRG utilizes state of the art data collection tools to gather and process information. Our customizable web-based systems provide an efficient and secure collection platform. TRG’s systems extend beyond the web to tablet devices that can collect data at any location regardless of network connection. We develop and use sophisticated reporting tools that can translate complex data into easily understood results. All reports are tailored to suit the information needs of the customer.
Community and Service Planning
TRG and its principals have worked on some of the most ambitious community service planning projects in the country. We were involved in an inter-census survey of over 7,000 individuals in a rapidly changing county in order to redirect community service budgets and programs. We have worked with city planning departments to facilitate neighborhood involvement in land use and community service planning. Additionally, TRG has worked with federal, state and local agencies in developing information needed for recreational planning and programming.
Management and Marketing Research and Consulting
Managers and Marketing Departments often have special needs. Managers often need consultants so they can bounce ideas off experienced and neutral third parties. Marketing executives often rely upon research firms to conduct product and service awareness studies, market penetration analyses, product packaging studies, target marketing studies and other analyses designed to help a marketing department understand its market and the position of products and services within that market. TRG has years of experience in conducting such studies and providing such consultation. We work with the client in defining his/her information needs and designing the best way to accommodate those needs.

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